No more a Vegetarian..
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I have been born and brought up in a pure-vegetarian family. A family which does not even eat onion and garlic traditionally, though onion is now making a quiet entry.  I am someone who is closing in on 30 years of lifetime and I have never ever tasted ‘flesh’. Might have had it couple of times, however always by mistake and never realized what was happening.  Here I must also mention that I am not a pure vegetarian, but an eggetarian.
As someone who has always maintained that come what may, I would not eat non-vegetarian food, making the choice was really difficult. Though I not a religious person now, still thinking about all the tall claims I had made on those numerous drinking sessions, l ooking down upon my meat eating brethren, gave me creeps. After all a man is nothing but  his word. Then came the realization that how can I write something off without even trying it, how can I despise something purely on superficial grounds? And yes, the amount of awesome looking food I was missing was a minor factor as well… :D
So yesterday sitting at KFC, munching down on the Veg. Zinger burger, I decided that I have lost on enough good food and it was time to make amends. If you think that I straightway jumped and bought that temping looking fried chicken from the American uncle, well, you are wrong. But one thing I was sure about in my mind that tonight was going to be my big night.
After couple of drinks of Golden Elixir, and some spirit in me, I landed at the Chicken Planet (Changezi) of Bara Hindu Rao fame, who now operates out of Karol Bagh. Vicky the owner was quite pleased to know that I chose his place to break my shackles. So with me, my cousin (who was also eating it for the first time) and Vicky on the table, we ordered Chicken Changezi, Tandoori Chicken, Afghani Chicken, some Mutton Nihari with Khamiri Roti.
As the first morsel went it, I was expecting me to jump with delirious joy, I was expecting myself to give an orgasmic sigh, the way it happened to me when I tasted really good wine, or when I enjoyed my first bite into cheesecake. But alas, nothing of that sort happened. Would not comment about the taste of gravies and sauces here, as they were not my focus, however I found Chicken to be overrated. I failed to find much of difference between Chicken and Soya Chaaps. Again I am not saying that I did not like what I had, however just did not understand why Chicken eaters create so much fuss.  I mean take Soya Chaaps and make it in the same gravy and I can bet it would taste exactly the same. Probably I need to eat it few more time to understand that. I had too little of mutton to comment on that, so will save that for sometime later.
Now that I have experienced chicken, it is time to graduate to other delights on offer in the carnivore world. Tonight might just be the night of Kebabs and Biryani. I hope my experience with them would be better than what I had with chicken. More on that later, first it is time for me to nurse my stomach and get it ready for more meat coming its way tonight…
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