Maggi – Some Different Recipes
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We asked our friends on Eatlo’s Facebook Page about their favorite type of Maggi and how do they make it. The kind of response was pretty surprising to say the least, we never expected that people do make so much effort to their ‘fix’ right.  And now we are not talking about simple addition to cheese or vegetables to there Maggi. Read on, in their own words:
1. Rohit Srivastava shares recipe of what we call ‘Nimbu-Pudina Maggi’: First cook the regular style Maggi along with the taste-maker. Make sure there isn’t too much water in it. Then leave it to cool for a while. In another pan take some oil and sauté finely chopped onions till they turn brown and then add the cooked Maggi into it. Cook for a few minutes and add pudina in between and a dash of lemon juice ..and voila !!
2. Kabir Mahajan’s is called ‘Angry Young Man’s Maggi’:  Everyone will agree, no matter what you put in it, NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING, can beat the taste of the simple normal original Maggi. ADMIT IT. Max to max, if you like Laal mirch then some powder along with some and only some onions!
3. Himanshu Sharma shares what can only be called ‘Maggi Pakoda’, very innovative indeed: Make the normal Maggi, let it dry and then make small balls out of it.  Then coat them with some besan batter and fry then instantly – you get wonderful Maggi pakodas.
4. Radhika Arora had us struggling to find a name for her version, shall we call it ‘Chef’s Maggi’ ??: Well since the Atta Maggi has come into the market, I eat only that. Somehow don’t like the normal maida one anymore. Also like it kind of dry and al dente. Normally I add sliced onions, peas, carrots (if they are lying chopped up already!) with a dash of dark soya, vinegar and tomato sauce, oregano and Chilli flakes while its cooking. And if I have salami or ham or any cooked meat in the freezer, that gets thrown in as well!
5. Satyajit Swain’s is nothing but ‘Maggi Curry’: I cut chicken and potato into small pieces put them into pressure cooker. Add slight olive oil, haldi, salt, garam masala powder, lal mirch powder, kali mirch powder, onion slices, 2-3 cloves, slices of tomato, one small ginger piece, and then add water as required and cover the pressure cooker and boil for 3 whistles. The Chicken gets cooked well and there will be some amount of liquid left over. Add this to the Maggi cooked with butter and enjoy the taste.
6. Amit Pugalia calls his simple preparation ‘Poor Bachelor’s Maggi’: Boil Maggi with half glass of water, add onion, tomato slices. Keep stirring; once the Maggie is properly soaked add the masala powder. Mix it well!!
7. Amanda Louise Conlan’s version sounds like a ‘Mom’s Maggi’: Fry onions and green chilies in butter. Add chopped tomatoes,  green peas, cover and steam the peas. Add Maggie and its masala with water and cook till saucy. Garnish with chopped coriander.
8. Megha Jain – ‘Pizza Maggi’ anyone?: I like to put in some olives and jalapenos, add domino’s seasoning and that does a pretty job to me.
9. Gaytri Vyas gives ‘Masala Maggi’ a whole new meaning:  I heat 1tbsp oil, add garlic and peas to it, let them roast and then add masala with some chicken masala if available or chana masala and then add water and Maggi.
10. Mehak Bajaj ‘Garlic and Pepper Maggi’: Take good amount of Desi ghee in a pan, add chopped garlic and onion. Heat it till it turns brown and then add water as per no. of Maggi packets. Add salt, red chilli and black pepper along with Maggi Masala. Heat till it boils then add Maggi. Cook it for 3-4 minutes and serve HOT !!!!
11. Sourav Sarkar suggests a Maggi Omelet: Make the Maggi the way you normally do. Then take 2-3 eggs, beat them well with pepper, salt, chilli powder etc,  just as you do it for an omelet. Then take some maggi and wrap it with the egg mix and put it in a pan with hot oil. The egg would cook up as an omelet with noodles in it. You can understand it like a French toast where the bread is replaced by Maggi.
And these 11 are not the only ones. We are sure that there is much of creativity than can be exercised and we would be waiting to hear your version of it. In the meantime, do try these and share how did they turn out for you.
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