Chhole Bhature at Kwality Restaurant, CP
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I have been trying to get into Kwality to eat their famous Chhole Bhature for last few months. Made two attempts, once I was too early for lunch and other time was too late. I almost started to believe that my stars are not aligned with Kwality and maybe it’s not meant to happen.
I was at a lousy cooking demonstration on Saturday and did not fancy the lunch that was served there, so decided to give it a skip. And since I was in Connaught Place area, Kwality popped up in my mind at the right time.
Kwality is a restaurant that reminds one of Colonial style of dining. Waiters wear prim and proper uniform complete with vests and ties, greeting you at the gate, the interior though looked new, however would have been more suitable for a restaurant of bygone era. That said it does not have a modern day fine dining vibe to it. Kitsch is the word that comes to my mind.
Since I was alone and had a clear agenda, I did not even bother to look at the menu and straight away asked for Chhole Bhature with a Diet Coke. The moment waiter repeated my order, “Sir, one plate chana and one bhature, with a diet coke”, I knew it did not work as plate of ‘Chhole Bhature’ for them, but they were separate orders.

Chhole Bhatura @ Kwality

And there they came. One large Bhatura and a plate of Chhole, served with large cut onions and pickle. Chhole had two large pieces of Aloo in them, which I felt was inappropriate as they drastically reduced the quantity of chhole in the bowl. The Bhatura had some oil in its base and could have been fried better, however I can understand that part a bit. You cannot keep and Kadahi full of frying oil on fire all the time in such an establishment.
Coming to taste, I must say that anything and everything positive that has been said about it, is absolutely correct. They tasted divine. Chhole had a proper mix of spices, were large in size and the taste actually reminded of completeness I felt at Chacha-di-hatti of Kamla Nagar. Infact in my opinion they stand equal with the absolutely the best that the city has to offer.

Chana @ Kwality

The downside – I paid close to Rs.500 for One Bhatura, One serving of Chana and a Diet Coke. That kind of moolah buys my one year’s supply of Chhole Bhature otherwise.
That said, if you are looking for Chhole Bhature taste (not the experience), then this probably is the safest place for you. There is something about Chhole Bhature and fine dining that does not go together, otherwise in terms of taste they have full marks. In terms of quantity and value for money, I left the place with a bit to desire.
Have you been to Kwality Before? Who do you think serves the Best Chhole Bhature in town?
Written by Shashank Aggarwal
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