Eatlo Eatup at National Restaurant, Bandra – A photolog by Mohaneesh Thapar
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National Restaurant is probably, the only place in Mumbai to serve authentic Punjabi food. And also authentic mixed with another authentic, in a way, fusion Punjabi food at affordable; rather cheap rates. The service here is quick. The staff is neither welcoming nor rude, just neutral. The ambiance of the restaurant is also very basic, no fussy-lights-high-end-furniture. The menu is limited for non-veg, only chicken and egg is available.
That said, food served here is very tasty, with moderate use of oil. Maybe, to some extent the credit for the taste goes to the hot coal beds it is cooked on, in lieu of gas. Still, a lot depends upon the use of ingredients, spices and other similar factors. Here, the authentic Punjabi dishes will not disappoint you. The fusion dishes here, I’d say, are in a no regret/loss situation for the eater. Neither, there’s anything extra-ordinary nor there’s anything pathetic about these fusion dishes. One more detail, they don’t serve sweet dishes. Regarding the quantity, I can ensure you, you won’t be kvetching about it. Last but not the least, after going through the photos in this log, and reading this quick review of mine for the place, if you ever go this place don’t forget that, a) they don’t provide you mineral water. You need to ask the waiter/attendant to get it for you. b) They don’t provide you with tissue/paper napkins. For this case, if you want carry a bunch along. And c) The timings of the restaurant, 11:30 am to 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

The Venue

Highlight of the restaurant

Chicken Kaleji Masala. The kalegi in the dish was tender and also wasn't under cooked. The gravy was a regular tomato gravy with basic amount of spice.

Juicy and tender piece of Chicken from the dish Chicken Mughlai

Kadi Fried Pulao. A very unique and a very tasty dish, despite the odd name

Kali Daal, fried in Butter served with green chillies. One of the superhit dishes of this place.

Khaana kab aayega ? Jokes apart, we never really had to wait. Just, Goldy and Rajan are really hungry, eventually becoming impatient. :)

Khalo Eatlo

Mutter Paneer and Kali Daal.

Need I explain?

Palak Chicken, fried in butter. Right with the masala, right with the palak, right with the chicken. And very right on the taste, as well.

Palak Chicken. One of the best Palak Chicken I've ever had

Simple tables, simple cutlery. Nothing fancy, at all.

Tandoori Rotis and Chicken Mughlai comes first on the table.

Tandori Roti and Chicken Mughlai

The other corner of the kitchen

They serve you and charge you a bit extra if you want it THIS way

Thoda sa Chicken Mughlai, Thodi si Kali Daal, Thoda sa Palak Chicken all Fried in Butter.

We are almost coming towards the end of our meal journey.

Two coal beds constantly on fire.

This part of the menu belongs to the fusion dishes they provide

True, it is. Just six dishes in chicken. Out of 'em all, we ordered five . Skipped Chicken Curry. Furthermore, fusion in the Pulao is also visible here

Yet another close up. This side belongs to the authentic Punjabi dishes they serve

Text and Pictures by Mohaneesh Thapar
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