Burgerathon at Cafe 2 2 Tango – By Vandhana Babu
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A year ago, I went to my first FED raid. A lot has changed since then. FED has become Eatlo. The place where the “raid” happened, The Brick House Diner, has closed and in its place, Cafe 2 2 Tango has opened in Hauz Khas. So when a burgathon was announced to eat the best burgers in town (again), I couldn’t stop myself and since I hadn’t gone to Cafe 2 2 Tango, I jumped at the chance to go and eat their burgers. And I am equally nervous about writing about it and hope to do justice to the meal that I have had.
The last time I went, we sampled some starters, burgers, drinks etc. But this time the focus was only on the burgers. I had made up my mind to go and eat the burger and nothing else.
First the place. Located in the ever so charming Hauz Khas Village, C22T is located on the first floor as soon as you turn right from the main road (near Thadi). It is very intimate and non formal, perfect for a cosy date or a relaxed lunch or dinner. The decor this time had some middle-eastern influences, which was visible in the lamp shades and candle stands. I absolutely loved the colour of the walls. Couldn’t really figure out if it was green or blue but it gave the whole place a warm hue and a comfy, snug feel.
I was getting ready to be dazzled this time when the chef (Bhuvanesh) said that he had taken special care to prepare the vegetarian burger. And boy was I surprised. And very very pleasantly that is.
The burgathon involved a challenge. Finish a Ghost burger in 10 minutes and it will be on the house. I have always been a slow eater. I relish and enjoy my food and not inhale it. So I had it clear in my head. If I love the burger too much, I will not participate in the challenge and take all the time in the world to savour the dish. And that is exactly what I did.
Show of Confidence.

Showing some love..

This is what the Ghost looked like..

First sighting of the ghost..

There were 4 or 5 varieties of non vegetarians and 2 for vegetarians. I have never wanted a page long menu for vegetarian burgers. One can make 1 type of burger and just nail it and I will be super happy and plus it is less confusing for people like me who always get intimidated by mile long menu cards.
A closer look at the ghost..

A closer look..

The layers of the ghost...

hard to finish ?? :P

I am not afraid. Ok.

The Big Bite..

aaj na chhodunga isse ... :D

So the two veg burgers were dehydrated burger and bean burger. But there was a potato mix veggie burger which was being made for the challenge. Based on the chef’s recommendation (thank god I listened to him), I tried the potato-mix veg ghost burger. Before mine came, I saw 4 men devouring their non-veg ghost burger and finishing it off (read polishing their plates off) in under 10 minutes.
Everyone was flabbergasted and I could see the chef’s smile being wiped off slowly, but he took it like a sport and did not charge for the people who won the contest. A challenge is a challenge, he said. Well hope we are not shooed away the next time we pass near the cafe.
So my ghost burger consisted of 3 patties of potato – mix veggies, mushrooms, grilled onions, cheese, tomatoes with a side of onion rings and potato wedges. When I looked down, it looked monstrous. I thought I could never finish it, even if I had the whole night. But I was so wrong. Not only did I finish, I actually felt that I could have another one after an hour.

Oh yeah! That is Vandhana Babu for you.. :D

a 'Normal' burger..

The veg potato – mix veggie ghost burger is spectacular. When the chef claims that he makes the best burger in town, he is right. It is the best burger that I have had and I have eaten a lot of burgers from McDonalds to Mocha to Hard Rock Cafe and even from the local vendor who sells the extremely suspicious “Fry Burger”. Quite frankly it trumps all these options.
While the burger was being prepared, my friend went inside the kitchen to see how it is made (yeah he was allowed inside.. how cool is that). The patty is not deep fried in a pan, rather it is toasted in a pan with oil, making it crispy on the outside and soft and juicy and crumbly on the inside.
Not only does this process require less oil (and is healthier), and makes the burger super yummy, the patty does not become rubbery and tasteless even when it becomes cold.
Once I put burger in my mouth, I was in a trance and whenever that happens, I am one happy kid. The burger was juicy and deeeelicious in every sense. At one go, I got a bite of the super yummy patty, the bun, the tomato, the mushrooms, the onions, a bit of cheese and a bit of a tomato ketchup / spread which was smeared on the bun. Everything tasted great separately and worked stupendously well together. Everything was in perfect moderation, the spices, the salt, the flavour, the texture. And the best part was that I did not feel bloated at all. I could easily finish off the 3 patty burger.

Good times

another bites the burger.. :P

Oh yeah baby...

Good ingredients always make or break one’s dish. Bad cheese makes me queasy and I am not able to eat anything that remotely resembles cheese for days after that. But the chef obviously took care of the ingredients right down to the tomato slice that was put in the burger. So spectacular was the meal that I was ready to eat desserts and chocolates right after finishing off my burger.
Now the desserts. A baked cheesecake and a Double Chocolate Mousse cake with Bailey’s liqueur. The cheesecake was baked with caramel and, surprise surprise, peanut butter sauce on the side. Perfect consistency and a refreshing change from the blueberry topping that one finds everywhere on a cheesecake nowadays. The peanut butter sauce worked brilliantly and surprisingly well with the cheesecake, very intelligently thought through by the chef to surprise you. The chocolate mousse cake had 3 layers. White from the top and 2 layers of dark chocolate underneath it. A slight hint of bailey’s coming through, the taste of a good chocolate and the talent of the chef to pull it all together. It was divine.

The baked Cheesecakes..

Before going, the chef gave us mint chocolates. I have always hated mint in chocolates. To me, mint in chocolate has always tasted like Colgate. But this was another winner from the chef. The chocolate with a very faint hint of mint, not at all overpowering in taste.
The last time I went on a quest to find the best burger in town. This time I found it. And like last time I will again use a “How I Met Your Mother” reference. As Marshall would say “It’s not just a burger. It is God, speaking to us through food”. Yeah well close enough!!
Written by Vandhana Babu
Images by Siddharth Chatrath, Arjun Ahuja and Shashank Aggarwal
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