Ajmeri Dal Baati ~ by Mohaneesh Thapar
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Ajmeri Dal Baati by Mohaneesh Thapar

Ingredients for Daal:

200 gms Urad Daal
50 gms Chana Daal
The preparation for the Daal is basic, the tadka is of regular red chilly.

Ingredients For Baati :

Boiled Potatoes – Half Kg.
Wheat Flour – 300gms.
Dry masala (Ground or crushed dry coriander, cumin seeds, and some fennel seeds).
Salt, to taste.
Red Chilli powder, half

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Maggi – Some Different Recipes
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We asked our friends on Eatlo’s Facebook Page about their favorite type of Maggi and how do they make it. The kind of response was pretty surprising to say the least, we never expected that people do make so much effort to their ‘fix’ right.  And now we are not talking about simple addition to

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